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Law & Order

Louisiana is still regarded as the murder capital of America.
Recent statistics, sadly support this statement with the murder/manslaughter rate per head of population maintaining number one position, double that of California and four times greater than Wyoming.

Underlying factors include poverty, sub-standard education, heat and fairly relaxed gun laws.
It is permitted to openly carry a handgun and permits for concealed weapons are not difficult to obtain and last a lifetime.
Nearly 70% of all homicides in the US are gun related and the state upholds the fundamental right to own guns.
Gun violence is greater in black communities and Louisiana has a higher than average proportion of black residents.

Louisiana is also regarded as America's prison capital, with over twice the national average and more than three times as many inmates per head of population than the state of New York.
Louisiana is also a world leader in this field, beating such countries as China and Iran.

The death sentence in Louisiana is by lethal injection, but the chances of receiving this are less than in many other states. Louisiana ranks around tenth position.
However, a black perpetrator has a 90% greater chance of this if the victim is white.
The most common drug used nationwide is pentobarbital.
The current death row population is 85.

The State Penitentiary based at the former Angola Plantation, is the largest in America and houses around 5,000 prisoners.

From the pirate Jean Lafitte, to the current day criminals, the history books, newspaper columns and prison cells will never be lacking in content.


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