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With its hot, wet climate, Louisiana is host to an amazing bug population.

From cute to annoying and some which are potentially deadly.

Don't be fooled by appearance, the inconspicuous brown recluse spider with its flesh-rotting sting is certainly more of a threat than the striking black and yellow garden spider.

Interesting and exotic names such as the candy striped leaf hopper, often convey an image of what you will see.

Those to be avoided for various reasons would include ticks, chiggers, bed bugs, bald faced hornets, blue winged wasps, various stink bugs, cockroaches, southern scorpion, striped blister beetle, mosquitoes, the wheel bug and of course, the brown recluse spider.

The sound of cicadas is integral with the landscape, some species in this area live underground and only emerge every 13 years when, the temperature reaches 65F. They enjoy a brief mating period before their general demise.

Bugs feed on fruit and vegetation, smaller insects or by sucking the blood of larger animals and humans.
Bugs also kill and eat other bugs such as the spider wasp, a wasp which will attack and devour jumping spiders. The sowbug killer spider, as its name suggests, devours sowbugs (aka wood louse, roly poly, pill bug). The masked hunter will help with housekeeping by devouring bedbugs, but it will also give unsuspecting humans a nasty bite

Some insects that we might never see, such as the southern pine beetle, pales weevil, pitch-eating weevil and the baldcypress leafroller are capable of destroying trees and plants, thus defacing large areas of the landscape.

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