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Infomaniac's Louisiana
Louisiana is a land of bayous and swamps, live oaks and bald Cyprus trees dripping with Spanish moss. A land of crawfish, alligators and shrimp, jasmine and jazz, magnolias, mint julep and plantations, Cajun and Creole. A land of voodoo and Mardi Gras.

Infomaniac's JFK Assassination, Connections and Coincidences
The key to the mystery was dropped into a muddy pool in 1963, since then, almost every word written on the subject stirs the mud, allowing the key to sink even further out of reach. The list of conspiracy suspects lengthens each year, however, connections between these individuals and the many coincidenses does make for an interesting read. View our exclusive connections map.

From hillbillies, moonshine and country music in the east, to the blues, rock and barbecues of the west, the state embraces its rich colorful culture.

The Riverside Hotel, Home of the Delta Blues
When you step over the threshold of the Riverside Hotel you are entering a museum, a preserved heritage site, dedicated to the blues musicians of the 1930's and 40's who once stayed there.

The Alamo
The desperate fight to hold the Alamo against overwhelming odds was the single most important event in the history of Texas and its people.

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Infomaniacs Venice, Itay



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Louisiana flag
President Dead, Connally Shot, newspaper headline

The Assassination of JFK

The Riverside Hotel - Home of the Delta Blues
Venice, Italy
The Alamo

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